Monday, December 13, 2010

The Alpha Post. I am the Princess, promise in hand.

He played me a song that said 
I want to be a princess with armies in my hand
but I misheard the lyric as a promise
I find I like that better.
I want to be a Princess with a promise in my hand.
armies destroy but a promise unnamed
is limitless
and beautiful, full and rich
Creation waiting to happen, 
that stillness before the first breath.

And Now! Now! Now!
I breathe!  I live!  I run!
No more armies to destroy!
Only the promise now, the Promise!
Passion grows, like desert flowers after a flood
Destruction preceding life abundant.
I will run and never fear panting
My laughter will infect others, a plague of joy
an infestation of passion!

I will love with abandon, 
vulnerable to sharp points of Fear and Ego
yours, of course, since I renounce the curse of fear.
Let me shout it louder, let that ring out clear
like Vespers' bells, singing their bright message.
I renounce that curse, no more armies,
only the promise, the promise I claim!

I am a Princess with a promise in my hand
my fingers loose, cradling
not grasping, not strangling
My promise breathes and pulses with life
giving, giving, giving.

No more wistful fantasies in half light
No more longing while hiding
No more biting my tongue or biding my time.

I shed the darkness, I shed the weight
I chase life with my promise
with flesh that doesn't falter

with a heart that courses strong
The me that was is gone
I am me, I am now, I am.

I am the Princess with a Promise in my hand.
Look, look, look, can you see it clearly?
Are your eyes open?  Is your heart?

Will you feel?  Will you savor it all?
Feel and see and live with me, 
Your Princess with the promise in my hand
open, new, powerful
passionate to share it entirely

I am the Princess with the promise
I am the ruler with it in my hand
open for you to understand.

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